High/Low: Modern Scandinavian Dining Room

A light and airy Modern Scandinavian Dining Room for any budget.

Can you tell which one is high and which one is low?


 1. table 2. lighting 3. vase 4. paint 5. chair 6. rug 7. painting 8. sideboard


 1. table 2. lighting 3. pottery 4. paint 5. chair 6. rug 7. painting 8. sideboard

All of these items can be sourced directly by Portobello Home, so please contact us if you have questions about a specific piece!


Option 1- $4,503

Option 2- $10,138

Could you tell which was which?

Here are some tips on how we pulled this look together.

  1. Stick to one or two finishes. We chose all of the furniture in walnut and black finishes so it felt tied together and maintained that minimal feel.
  2. Paint the walls a warm neutral. Benjamin Moore’s Pale Oak was the perfect backdrop to show case the room, plus it helps a pared back space still feel warm and inviting.
  3. Use a rug with that has some pattern to bring it all together and add some texture.
  4. Add some colour by bringing in a special piece of art. Then pull some of those colours into the room with accessories, preferably hand thrown pottery or something with an organic feel.
  5. Make your room shine (literally and figuratively) with a beautiful light fixture that adds in some reflective surfaces and complementary metals.
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